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Rates & Facility Use Guide

The Conference Room
Located inside The Auditorium Building
Guerber Hall 
The Carriage House is off the Facilities Inventory starting in 2019 when it will be converted to be the Benton County Event Center & Fairgrounds Office year round. 
Hull-Oakes Picnic Table
Benton Arena 
The Floral Courtyard 
Floral Courtyard Stage
The Outdoor Arena 
Store Sept-June 
South Lawn located just east of the Floral Courtyard 
Main Stage Lawn (East Lawn) 
Oak Grove 
Solar Building 

We strive to offer affordable rentals for our customers and in doing so offer multiple levels of service from do-it yourself to full service event set-up and teardown. Please contact us to discuss your facilities rental needs - 541-766-6088 (Nancy Swain) or 541-766-6521 (Main Line). For a comprehensive look at Facility Rental Policies, please read the Facility Rental Guide PDF found at the bottom of this page.

Rental Set-up: We try to be as affordable as possible for our renters which is why we have three options:
  1. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up and tearsdown.
  2. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up then has staff teardown.
  3. Staff delivers requested items, sets-up and tearsdown.

Options 2 and 3 incur labor charges in addition to rental charges. If you are interested in any of these options, please let us know.

No event is considered booked until the deposit is received (unless the deposit is waived) and for events serving alcohol, no event is considered booked until arrangements are made with a Fairgrounds approved Commercial vendor for alcohol service; Valley Catering must included catering, Mazama Brewing, or Oregon Beverage Services. They will provide all serviceware, servers and monitors for events serving or selling alcohol. For events scheduled to end past 9 PM where alcohol is served, the Fairgrounds will schedule security through TCB and bill the renter. Security will be onsite one hour prior to the start of alcohol service and TCB will lock up the building at the end of the event.

After calling to discuss your rental needs (if you choose to call) AND/OR once you submit the online Reservation form, your event will be booked and you will receive two copies of the Agreement – one marked ‘Client Copy’ and the other to sign and return. Both have your Invoice as the last page(s). The Agreement will be sent to you by US Mail.

Payment is by cash, check or card. Card payments can be made by phone - 541-766-6521/541-766-6088..

Facilities are available from 8am – 11:59 pm

Refundable DEPOSITS -

Events with alcohol - $750
$100 for under 75 people
$250 for 75-199 people
$500 for 200+ people


For events serving alcohhol you must contract with one of the Fairgrounds Preferred Vendors; at this time you can choose between Mazama Brewing - 541-230-1810, Valley Catering, or Oregon Beverage Services. If you have a commercial vendor you would like to use, let them know they can apply to the Fairgrounds to be added to the list (3 months advance notice please).


For events serving alcohol ending after 9 PM, the Fairgrounds will contract for Security for the duration of alcohol service time until the rental ends and invoice in addition to the building rental.
For events that are not serving alcohol but ending after 9 PM, the Fairgrouns will contract for Security for the last three hours of the event and invoice in addition to the building rental.


For all events at the Benton County Fairgrounds, you must have insurance. Benton County requires evidence of general liability insurance, including a copy of the endorsement adding Benton County, Benton County Fair Board, its officers and employees as additional insured. The minimum limits of liability shall be:$2,000,000 per occurance for each bodily injury and property damage.

Need event insurance? Here are some options:

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