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Floral Courtyard

View from one side to the other

View from one side to the other

The Floral Courtyard provides sun and shade. 
Courtyard Stage

Courtyard Stage

The Stage is a lovely focal point for your event. 
Covered Courtyard

Covered Courtyard

The U-Shaped Floral Courtyard gives you 12' of overhead coverage around the perimeter of the Courtyard. Electrical outlets are located on the walls throught as well as overhead lights. 
Home of Fair Floral & Land Departments

Home of Fair Floral & Land Departments

During the Annual Fair, the Floral Courtyard is the site of the Floral and Land Products Deparments. 
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The Floral Courtyard offers outdoor space with lots of coverage for weddings, picnics, fundraising and even sales. The U-shaped concrete capped by a 12'x20' covered stage platform building on the north side provides cover. The center is planted with grass (70'x100'). The 2,400' of covered cement walkways is open to the grassy area and sided with lattice work on the other. Electrical outlets and overhead lights are plentiful. Two small restrooms are built into the stage building.

Rates are as follows and as with all Fairgrounds rentals a 20% non-profit discount is available to non-profit organizations.

Monday-Thursday Full Day - $210

Monday-Thursday Half Day - $105

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) One Day - $315

Weekend Three Day Special - $420

Weekend Refundable Deposits - $250 for events with NO alcohol and $500 for events With alcohol. Any event with alcohol must contract with Oregon Beverage Services

Rental Set-up: We try to be as affordable as possible for our renters which is why we have three options:

  1. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up and tearsdown.
  2. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up then has staff teardown.
  3. Staff delivers requested items, sets-up and tearsdown.

Options 2 and 3 incur labor charges in addition to rental charges. If you are interested in those two option, please let us know.

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For all events at the Benton County Fairgrounds, you must have insurance. Benton County requires evidence of general liability insurance, including a copy of the endorsement adding Benton County, Benton County Fair Board, its officers and employees as additional insured. The minimum limits of liability shall be:$2,000,000 per occurance for each bodily injury and property damage.

Need event insurance? Here are some options:

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