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Rainier Amusements

Photo: Children riding on carnival ride
Photo: carnival ride
Photo: Children on roller coaster
Photo: Carnival riders on giant swing
Photo: Night view of Ferris Wheel

Whirl & Twirl the Day Away!

A full array of family fun, including gentle kiddie rides, tried and true family favorites and over-the-top twisters for older, more adventurous thrill seekers. Enjoy their midway with fair food and fun and exciting games for all ages and skill levels.

Purchase your carnival wristband in advance and save!
All Day Carnival Ride Wristbands (including 2 carnival games) are $25 up to the day before fair, then $35 starting July 29th.

One Ticket = $.50. Ticket Deals - 120 Tickets for $50 and 250 Tickets for $100.

Big Kid Rides take 9 Tickets; Little Kid Rides take 7.
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