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2024 Rainier Amusement WRISTBANDS!!
Pre-Sale (Pre-Fair) Unlimited Rides Wristband - $30 (includes 2 games) - Good for one day only

Purchase at Fair Unlimited Rides Wristband - $40 (includes 2 games) - Good for one day only

Carnival tickets available for purchase on-site at the Rainier Amusement ticket booth (no online carnival ticket sales available once fair starts)

$.50 = 1 Ticket
$50.00 = 120 Tickets
$100.00 = 250 Tickets

*All Rides take between 10-12 Tickets
*All Games take between 1-12 Tickets

Rainier Amusements

Photo: Children riding on carnival ride
Photo: carnival ride
Photo: Children on roller coaster
Photo: Carnival riders on giant swing
Photo: Night view of Ferris Wheel

Carnival FAQs - get your answers here!

What should we wear on the rides?

We encourage you to wear closed toe shoes (some rides require it) and avoid wearing any loose clothing. It's also a good idea to pull long hair up into a ponytail.

Is there any age restriction on the rides?

Children under 2 are not permitted on any rides. Others must be personally responsible to be in good health and free of any conditions that may be aggravated by the rides.

Do I have to pay to ride with my kids?

Yes, every rider is required to have a ticket on each ride.

What if I get there and the weather gets bad?

We cannot be responsible for weather and therefore we do not offer refunds. Some rides may be closed if there are unsafe weather conditions.

Do you have height requirements for rides?

Check all rides to make sure you are tall enough. We post signs that have the height requirement and any specific guidelines at each attraction. For your safety, we strictly enforce these requirements. To view a list of height requirements for some of our attractions please see our website. www.rainieramusements.com

Do you have storage facilities or lockers?

No, we do not have lockers and we encourage you to leave your belongings with a family or a friend as some rides do not allow you to take any items on. However, some rides you can leave your belonging on the deck of the ride but our ride operators are not responsible to watch your items as they are to watch the ride at all times.

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