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Lee Allen Memorial Youth Market Auction 6PM SATURDAY, AUGUST 3

Buyer Appreciation Dinner 4:00 pm | Auction 6pm


There are many objectives accomplished by the sale. It is an educational experience to select, raise, fit, and sell the animals and it is an opportunity to show the public a positive side of our youth activities This year approximately 210 young people will present rabbits, poultry, goats, steers, swine, and lambs for sale. Each participant is allowed only one sale.

The product of the sale will be quality meat. The animals can be delivered to a local processor as directed by you at the time of checkout. You can have it cut and wrapped to your specifications. This year the following processors are available:

  • Willamina Meat Service – Willamina 503-876-2516
  • Mohawk Valley Meats – Springfield 541-746-4411 (USDA processor)
  • Farmer’s Helper – Harrisburg 541-995-8449
  • C & C Processing – Scio 503-394-2611


You will be provided a sales catalog that lists all of the animals, along with their weights and owners. As each animal is led into the ring, the auctioneer asks for bids on a per head basis. When you wish to bid on an animal, just raise your hand. This continues until the high bid is reached, with the animal going to the highest bidder. If you want assistance, they are official Auction Committee members who will be glad to help you. Remember, whether you buy or not, your bidding helps the sale of the young livestock owners.


Fill out all information on the buyers slip. Animals will be sent for resale unless you notify the clerk on AUCTION NIGHT that you desire the meat and give delivery instructions.

  • Keep the meat for personal use. The animal will be delivered C&C Slaughtering, Willamina Meat Service, Mohawk Valley Meats, or Farmer’s Helper to be cut and wrapped to your specifications.
  • Consign it as resale directly to a commercial packer at market price, if you do not wish to keep the animal for personal use. Your cost is the difference of the market price and auction price.
  • Pick your animal up live.


We so appreciate all the buyers’ support for our 4-H youth in Benton County. Thank you, in advance, for your time and investment. We all strive for the same goal; to continue to make our youth the leaders of the next generation. Thank you for helping us make good kids become great kids.

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