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Conference Room

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Measuring 29'x40'x8'6" with a Fire Code Occupancy of 49, the Conference Room is located in the Auditorium Building to the south side of the Main Hall. With access to the kitchen, both restrooms and doors opening directly onto the Auditorium Parking Lot, the Conference Room provides a great space for small meetings or parties. Four 8'x30" tables, 20 chairs and a retractable screen are included with the room.

The Conference Room cannot be rented separately on weekends or if the Auditorium is already rented at any time.

There are standard rates for rentals that are discounted for non-profits (501 c status) by 30% Non-profit discount is on building rentall fee only and does not include table/chair/incidental rentals.

Monday-Thursday Rates: Full Day - $190or $100 Half Day - Effective 12/1/2017 rate increase/policy changes indicated in blue


For events serving alcohhol you must contract with one of the Fairgrounds Preferred Vendors; at this time you can choose between Valley Catering, Seguridad Bartending or Oregon Beverage Services. If you have a commercial vendor you would like to use, let them know they can apply to the Fairgrounds to be added to the list (3 months advance notice please). For events serving alcohol ending after 9 PM, the Fairgrounds will contract for Security and invoice in addition to the building rental.

Rental Set-up: We try to be as affordable as possible for our renters which is why we have three options:
  1. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up and tearsdown.
  2. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up then has staff teardown.
  3. Staff delivers requested items, sets-up and tearsdown.

Options 2 and 3 incur labor charges in addition to rental charges. If you are interested in those two option, please let us know.

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