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Senior Celebration

Emcee Mitch Hider

Everyone had GREAT TIME sharing Fair Memories

Here are just a few that were shared:
"1950 - Held her hand - Been married 67 years" - Mary Jo & Vince

"Best fair experience so far was holding rabbits around 2005. This free ice cream might even beat that experience" - Julianna

"I was a 4-H Leader for 15 years. So much work but a lot of fun. All 4 of my kids were in 4-H and now my son is the Beef Superintendent." - Edna

"Our first BC Fair was in 1979 and it was quite different from our Fair today! The one ride was an electric, child-sized train with a one-loop track, which of course was very popular with the kids!! Another fabulous attraction was the large, cardboard, beautifully-painted Castle of Xanadu. Admission to crawl through was either $.25 or a 'song' sung to the Castle's creator, Mitch Hider. He was dressed in a long velvet Wizard's gown and 24" tall conical hat. Mitch has been with the Fair ever since then and contributed much joy and many laughs. We are huge fans, and thank everyone who has contributed to making this year's Fair a great one!" The Korn Family
Prizes and ice cream donated by these wonderful sponsors:
BJ's Ice Cream
Avon - Cyndy Cessnun
Golf City
Caves Bier and Kitchen
Majestic Theatre
Darkside Cinema
The Inkwell Home Store
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