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Special Contests

It's not just the animals that compete at the Fair! We've got contests for:

Fair Food Eating -Wednesday, Floral Courtyard - 2:00 pm
Talent Search - Saturday, Oak Grove Stage, 11:00 am to Noon
Baby Celebration, Saturday, Floral Courtyard - 1 PM
Senior Day - Story Telling and Ice Cream, Thursday, Floral Courtyard, 1:00 pm
Water Olympics - Wednesday, Main Lawn - 12 to 4pm

Funnel Cake

Fair Food Eating Contest

July 31 - Floral Courtyard
2 PM
Young woman singing into a microphone

Talent Contest

August 3 - Oak Grove Stage
11 AM - Noon
Smiling toddler

Baby Celebration

August 3 - Floral Courtyard
1 PM
Blind folded child swing a plastic bat at a water balloon 'pinata'

Water Olympics

July 31st Main Lawn 12 to 4pm  
Ice Cream Cone

Senior Day Ice Cream Social & Story Telling

Floral Courtyard, Thursday, August 1st, 1PM - Senior Day Ice Cream Social & Story Telling with Mitch Hider and enjoy Ice Cream donated by BJ's Ice Cream then share a story of past Fair memories. There's a raffle for those who share a story. 
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