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Art at the Fairgrounds

When you walk around the Fairgrounds keep your eyes open for the surprises of art, much is created by community members. Local artist Kathy Jederlinich is the driving force behind most of what you find. Encouraging EVERYONE to be creative, Kathy has worked with folks from 5-85 to make murals that have been incorporated at the Fairgrounds. Using re-cycled items, she helps people make beauty from 'trash' as well as helping people carve clay tiles and pick up paint brushes. Even retired Fair Manager, Lonny Wunder got involved when he crafted the brackets for the latest Floral Courtyard planter box tiles.

And the ultimate Public Art Show happens each year during the Benton County Fair & Rodeo when everyone is invited to show their Fine Art, Hobbies & Crafts, Photographs and Fiber Arts.
Floral Courtyard Planter Tlles - a work in progress.
Kathy Jederlinich led this project
Floral Courtyard Mary's Peak Mural installed 2015. Kathy Jederlinich led this project.
Kathy Jederlininch (3rd from left) and Crew
Mural Class
4-H Mural in Guerber Hall completed under the direction of Kathy Jederlnich
Guerber Hall 4-H Centennial Mural
Now hanging in Guerber Hall, this scenic mural was found in the Old Chapel that no longer stands at the Fairgrounds.
Arena Mural
Project Lead Kathy Jederlinich
More Arena Mural
The Arena mural captures the fun kids have at the Fair & Rodeo
Arena Mural Cowboy
Cow on the Carriage House
from 2003 Fair Design by Julie Weiss
Solar Classroom Mural completed under the direction of Keith Moses
Banners made for Fair fencing under the direction of Kathy Jedelinich
Fair Fencing Banner
Carousel Horse on Fair Fencing Banner
Fair Fencing Banner
Even the ATM gets artistic treatment

Backbone Murals is Back At It!

In July 2016, artist Kathy Jederlinich began direction on the largest mural project yet. Under her direction volunteers, including Americorps Volunteers, community members and Fairgrounds Teen Hosts, continued to make trees for the front of the Auditorium Building.

The project is on hold temporarily until funding is raised to complete the project. If you're interested in helping to fund this project, please contact Fair Manager, Lynne McKee.
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