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Lawns & Lots

Main Stage Lawn (East Lawn)
South Lawn 130'x150'
Oak Grove
Auditorium Lot can only be rented separately when the Auditoium is not already rented.
South Parking Lot - great for SALES or just parking a LOT of cars!
Events needing outside space can easily be accomodated as long as no damage is done to the lawns or lots (excluded events include mud bogs, roasting pits etc.).
These are standard rates for rentals that are discounted for non-profits (501 c status) by 30. Non-profit discount is on building rentall fee only and does not include table/chair/incidental rentals. For a full list of additional items to rent, see What Every Renter Needs to Know.
    • South Gravel Parking Lot - Full - $375
    • 1/2 South Gravel Parking Lot - $220
    • Auditorium Lot ONLY (when Auditorium is not already rented) - $220/day. The Auditorium Lot has 106 spaces (3 Disabled-Accessible, 3 in front of the Building and 99 lined in the lot). Three RV accessible poles providing Power & Water are also on the lot.
    • Oak Grove - $290/day
    • South Lawn - $290/day
    • Main Stage Lawn (East Lawn) - $290/day


Read about our policies concerning Deposits, Alcohol, Security, Rental Setup, and Insurance:

What every renter needs to know

You can request a reservation online by completing our Building Reservation Form:

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