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Baby Celebration

Baby Celebration

They are our future and our greatest joy!
Come to the Floral Courtyard, for the Baby Celebration on Saturday, August 4th at 1 pm

While all babies are special, someone is going to stroller away with the ribbon for the biggest dimples, chubbiest feet, baldest baby and more... it's all in good fun.

Three Age Divisions per category - 0-9 months, 10 -16 months and 17-24 months.

The Competition is so CUTE

By Age Division:
Biggest Dimples - Chubbiest Feet - Baldest Baby - Chubbiest Cheeks - Most Hair - Looks Most Like Mommy - Looks Most Like Daddy - Best Decorated Stroller

And Overall for Biggest Eyes, Longest Lashes and Biggest Smile

Donations from these Local Businesses

Osborn Aquatic Center
Market of Choice
Avon - Cyndy Cessnun
Many Hands Trading
Albany Cool Pool
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