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Arena Riding

2017 Benton Arena Riding

Open FREE arena riding days/times:
Mondays from Noon to 9 PM
and Tuesdays from 8 AM - 2 PM.

RIDES In July there is NO Open Free Riding due to scheduled activities and Fair preparation. In August Open Free Riding will be limited to 28th and 29th.

Riders can still rent the arena for private rides; a two-hour minimum is required. Cost is $132 for two hours. Please use the Building Reservation Form to book your rides after consulting the calendar of events for availability or by calling 541-766-6088 for assistance.

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Benton Arena is an Equine Facility. All activities on these grounds are subject to the Equine Inherent Risk Law, ORS 30.687-30.697. By your presence on these grounds you have indicated that you have accepted the limits of liability resulting from inherent risks of equine activities. This is not a spectator area, all persons in this area will be regarded as participants and limited by the inherent risks law.

Arena Open Ride Line is 541-766-6089.

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