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Building Reservation Form

Rental Process

After you determine the building/space you would like to rent you will need to submit the Reservation Request form. Your submission will be received by staff; you should receive confirmation that your request has been received; if you do not get an automatic message received reply, please resubmit. Once your request has been entered into the rental program, two copies of your agreement will be mailed to you. One is stamped 'Client Copy' and the other is flagged to sign and return; both have your invoice as the last page(s).

Staff may contact you to clarify rentals questions before mailing the agreement and you are always welcome to contact us with your questions either by responding to the receipt of your request email or calling 541-766-6521.

For a comprehensive guide, please see the - Facility Rental Guide - PDF Below.

Rental Set-up: We try to be as affordable as possible for our renters which is why we have three options:
  1. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up and tearsdown.
  2. Staff delivers requested items and renter sets-up then has staff teardown.
  3. Staff delivers requested items, sets-up and tearsdown.
Options 2 and 3 incur labor charges in addition to rental charges. If you are interested in those two option, please let us know.


Building Reservation Form

Use this form to request a building reservation. We'll be happy to help you; call 541-766-6521 for assistance during office hours: Monday-Friday - 8am-11:30am and 12:30pm-5:00pm. When your form is successfully sent, you will receive and AUTOMATIC Thank Your for Your Submission. If you don't get this message, it means your form did not submit and that yo've missed filling something in correctly and will need to re-submit your form.

Your Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
ZIP Code

Building You Would Like to Rent

Buildings & Outdoor Spaces to Rent
Please select from the list below:

Will there be alcohol served?

Public or Private?

Event Information Phone Number
If your event is private type 0
Name of Event
Ex - Party, Meeting of Association X, Trade Show
OrganizationBusiness Name
Non-Profit Organization? Non-Profits qualify for 30% discount

Estimated Attendance
Just a whole number is required; no range, please
Date of Event (enter additional days in Additional Information Box below)
Event Start Time
x:00 or xx:00
Event End time
xx:00 or x:00 - All events must end by midnight
Set-up Start time and Set-up details. Use this box to tell us what you need.Estimate clean-up time.
Number of Tables & Chairs, Etc. Needed
Standard practice is for renter to set-up/teardown
Room Set Up -If paying for Fairgrounds to set up For Room Set Up please choose from the list below:

Additional Information

Please use the box below to tell us of any additional dates or items needed
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