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Guerber Hall

Guerber Hall

Guerber Hall Kitchenette
Guerber Hall Meeting Room

Built in memory of Rich Guerber, a long-time supporter of the Fair and 4-H Program, Guerber Hall is a perfect facility for many events. The meeting room can only be booked separately, Monday through Thursday when the Main Hall is not being used, and is not available on weekend when it is included with Guerber Hall rentals.

Guerber Hall Rental includes 60 chairs and Eight 8’x30″ tables.

There are standard rates for rentals that are discounted for non-profits (501c) by 30% - Non-profit discount is on building rental fee only and does not include table/chair/incidental rentals.

  • Monday-Thursday Full Day (over 4 hours) - $420
  • Monday-Thursday 1/2 -$195
  • Friday-Sunday (Single Day) - $625
  • Friday-Sunday Weekend 3-Day Special- - discontinued
  • Pre-Event or Post Event Day - $300
  • Refundable Deposit
  • Small Kitchen w/ Counters
  • Sink & Home-grade Fridge
  • Commercial Grade Ceiling Fans
  • Broom-finished Concrete Floor
  • Large Restrooms
  • Heating
  • Large Doors for loading and unloading
  • 10'x10' screen on the north wall for projections

Capacity/Measurements/Dimensions: 60′ x 72′ Ceiling Height: 16′ Square Feet: 4,320


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