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Food At The Fair - Chek Back for 2018 Updates

The Information below is from 2017 and left up for illustrative purposes:
It's not the Fair until you've had your favorite Fair Food! What's your pleasure? We have it all for you from corn dogs to crepes. Deep Fried or Stir fried? Shaved Ice or Scooped Ice Cream? Here's a listing of all of our vendors and where you can find them:

Sweet Treats:
Ail Food Concessions - Elephant Ears and all manner of Fried Delights - Central Plaza
Aly-Tay's Hawaiian Shave Ice - Central Plaza
BJ's Ice Cream - Central Plaza
B & M Funnel Cakes - Central Plaza
LemonHead2 - Fresh Squeezed Lemonades, Limeade, Sweet Tea - Main Stage Lawn
Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn - Main Stage Lawn
Davis Amusement Cascadia - Cotton Candy and more - at the Carnival rides

Food to Fill you Up: Need dinner? Head into the Oak Grove for Shade and Sustenance:
The Delicias Valley Cafe - BBQ Ribs, Nachos, Pulled Pork
Pavilion Catering - Roasted Corn
Pavilion Catering - Burrito Place - Burritos, Fry Bread Tacos & Sweet Fry Bread
Pavilion Catering - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Corvallis Lions Club - Burger Barn
Dough on the Go - Wood-fired Pizza
Rice Plate - Yakisoba, Teriyaki, Noodles and Fried Rice
Uncle Buck's - NY Italian Sausage, Pastrami and Strawberry Freeze & Hawaiian Chicken, Sticky Rice and Maaroni
The Chickpea - Gyros & Falafel
Le Crepes de Grills - Crepes both Savory and Sweet
No outside food or drink allowed. Please respect our vendors; they're trying to make a living!
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